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by supervisor sean elsbernd. the clerk of the committee is mr. victor young and mr. clerk, can you share with us your announcements? >> please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. items acted upon today will be forwarded to the full board of supervisors meeting of november 20th, unless otherwise stated. thank you. >> i wanted to acknowledge our sfgovtv staff who are work on this hearing. that is nona and jesse larson. could you call our first item. >> item no. 1, resource approving and authorizing an agreement for the purchase of parcel of real estate located at 1550 evans avenue and 330 newhall street consisting of approximately 4.6 acres improved with 50,593 square feet of office and industrial buildings for the san francisco public utilities commission for a purchase price of $15 million, adopting findings under ceqa, adopting findings that the conveyance is consistent with the city's general plan and eight priority polices of city planning code section 101.1 and authorizing the director of property to executive documents make certain modifications and take certain actions in f
and i nose it's not a cost-savings to the puc because they weren't paying to use it. are there ways fort departments to generate revenue from the sighs now that the puc will no longer be occupying it? >> supervisor kim with respect to the property particularly that is associated with fire, i believe that [shr-r/] in discussion amongst dpw, my staff and capital planning. so i think we're looking at reuse, where possibility, where we're vacating or pulling certain uses off city-owned property s. >> so i'm sorry for 2245 gerald? >> that would be gerald. >> so the fire department may reuse that site now? >> yes. >> it would be great to learn how we reutilize sites or see if there are ways of generating -- i don't know if they are releasable. >> we're looking at a broader picture of all the industry yard needs that the city has. they are quite numerous. this board deliberated over an issue recently with the mta, that i think brought to light some of the challenges that we have to find industrial uses. there is only so much within the city footprint and we're looking can we con
dollars potentially used for before that? was that ga? hsa? and something else dph is trying to get background on the program itself. honestly, i don't know. with the overlay being this is a prudent use of -- preferable to emergency services and the costs in the best of all worlds would be the dollars -- the best all worlds would be emergency services dollars that were no longer used. i'm not sure if that is actually happening in the real world. >> so we might be able to describe some cost-savings by having a program that has the services where people live and actually yields greater cost-savings that could be a source of funding? i see miss campbell standing up. >> chair, if i understand your question, these are routine general fund monies subject to appropriation each year in the hsa and dph budget. there is not a particular funding source other than the general fund. >> thank you, please continue. >> so projects that receive local operating subsidy dollars for the operating are also receiving funds for support services from the same agency, city agency, that is originatin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)